Crowdsourcing altruism around you

We are a geo-localized app to address everyday problems where you can find people willing to give you a hand. It also connects you to those in need around you, allowing you to become their hero.


You can ask for a hand

It’s easy, people around you are a great resource for help and support. Be trustful, post a request describing your need and allow people to offer to help you out!

You can give a hand

You can also add purpose to your everyday life by offering yourself to help others. Scroll down the requests around you, click on
“I want to help” start chatting!

Grow your good karma

More than one user could offer to give a hand. Choose the one of your preference. Then remember to be grateful to all users involved. Help us create a virtuous circle.

Create your own community

If there are opportunities for helpful initiatives around you, go ahead: set the calendar for an event to tackle the problem, request as many heroes as possible and follow up with leadership!

In partnership with
UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development


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